Underpinning, in construction, is used for stabilising and strengthening the foundation of a structure that already exists. This process is essential for providing added support for the foundation that is required for withstanding the increased loading, to stop the ongoing settlements, for seismic retrofit, and for underpinning the existing shallow foundation before any adjacent new construction. We offer the best underpinning in Sydney.

Uses of Underpinning in Australia

Underpinning has a wide variety of uses. Improving the weak underlying soil is one of the most common uses of it all. Supporting deep foundation elements is yet another use of underpinning and it is also used for treating collapsible or expansive soils. Precision Piling uses the conventional method of mass concrete approach for underpinning services in Sydney. We specifically promote standardisation of our services to deliver maximum value to our clients.

Types of Underpinning in Sydney

We offer many options for underpinning in Australia. We use soil strengthening where the soils are extracted or weakened. Our most conventional method is mass concreting or mass pouring which has remained unchanged for over centuries now. In this method, we dig a box-shaped hole beneath the existing foundation of a structure and then fill it with concrete.

We use this method when the existing foundation of a property is shallow, but this process can be used in other cases as well. It is an inexpensive method of underpinning.

We also use a refined type of the mass concrete method called a beam and base method. In this process, we reinforce the concrete beam that is built either above or below or simply replace the existing footing. This way, the beam redirects the weight of the building or structure over to the several bases of made of mass concrete that is placed at the strategic locations.

Apart from that, as the best underpinning services in Sydney, we also apply several other methods like mini-pile, screw piles and brackets, pile and beam underpinning as well. Whatever you need, we have it under one roof.