There are times when we don’t have to excavate the entire property. In that case, we just retain the walls. The process is called shoring. Shoring on Sydney job sites is used as a temporary measure for allowing safe excavation by supporting a structure, trench, or a building when they are in the process of alteration, repair or in danger of collapsing. After the work is done, shoring becomes obsolete. Shoring is more cost-effective than contiguous piling if the excavation doesn’t need to go all the way to the boundaries.

An Overview to Our Services 

We are experienced at the work of shoring throughout Sydney. Shoring timber walls could be for a permanent or a temporary structure that retains the soil. We drill a hole for placing the beam and then the cement is poured in the hole to set it. This process is repeated for the other beams until the desired length is achieved. Then the sleepers are placed between the beams when we do the excavation.

Methods of Shoring for Sydney jobs include:

  • Hydraulic shoring
  • Soldier Pile and Lagging
  • Pneumatic Shoring
  • Soil Nails and Shotcrete
  • Pressure / Chemical Grouting, and
  • Choice of Timber or Aluminium materials

Hydraulic or Pneumatic shoring are the most common methods used. Every method comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. But hydraulic shoring is a safe method. Also, between the choices of timber and aluminium, aluminium is preferred because it’s durable and lightweight.
Our team always performs shoring for Sydney projects under the supervision of an experienced and accredited foreman. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.