Eastern Suburbs

With years of practice in the construction business, Precision Piling has the expertise and knowledge that make Precision Piling the best choice when selecting foundation workers for renovations or construction jobs.

We proudly service the eastern suburbs and metropolitan regions of Sydney. Properties in these areas are regularly characterised as being built upon sandy substrates, which traditionally made it difficult to foundation work by using conventional machinery. Since we can hand pile when required, we eradicate any difficulties that may emerge from vibrations brought about by machine drilling.

Our expertly prepared residential piling contractors for jobs in the eastern suburbs of Sydney consistently endeavor to deliver the best solution for your specific needs. We likewise offer on-site consultations which sets us apart from others. We’ll perform test openings to find out if conditions are reasonable for the execution of a task. This methodology gives important understanding before dispatching a geo-tech report.


Precision Piling is the specialists in contiguous piling, shoring, underpinning, foundation piers, just as concrete siphoning, and we gladly guarantee that your project will be professionally completed.

Contiguous piling

We perform contiguous piling throughout the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It situates divided exhaust piles in a succession which results in a central structure that can maintain a solid border around a construction site. Contiguous piling guarantees that a site can be removed securely as the resulting pressure is counterbalanced to preserve the adjacent structures and ground.


At the point when your whole property shouldn’t be unearthed, holding dividers or shoring is an incredible arrangement. For the most part it is utilised as a brief measure to permit safe removal of an existing structure. Shoring is the way toward supporting a structure, structure, or channel with shores when in the risk of breakdown or during modifications or fix.


Underpinning is a complex, yet effective procedure that strengthens the support beneath the ground for a current structure, expanding the depth of footings without thumping the structure down. Underpinning is performed when extra space is required under the structure, and you have constrained headroom. Furthermore, when a structure is demonstrating evidence of damage, underpinning may be the solution and prevent it from further movement and damage.