Underpinning, Piling & Shoring Experts in Bondi

If you need piling experts in Bondi, you must contact Precision Piling for the work. We offer the solution for all kinds of constructions for commercial, residential, civil, industrial and all kinds of projects. We have completed various projects including screw piles, sheet piling, driven piles, rail infrastructure, bridge foundation and construction, bored piers, marine piling and construction, etc.

We take pride in safety we maintain, and we try to keep a zero-harm approach all the time. We deal with a range of work and we do it with decades of experience. Apart from providing Bondi projects with piling, we also perform underpinning in Bondi.

We Deliver

We can promise guaranteed results and we install all kinds of piles. Our years of experience have made us hand piling experts in Bondi, and we are also good with machine piling. We offer a friendly and reliable service and we are extremely good at what we do. We specialise in installing piles in the sandy areas.

We can install all types of piles for constructing a deep basement, underground garage or retaining walls. Also, we will create a strong foundation for your house without any vibration or drilling that machines often causes while piling.

Where We Have Delivered

Apart from Bondi piling jobs we have worked with the many commercial and residential properties all over Australia. We have worked in North Shore, Cronulla, Alexandria, Northern Beaches, Paddington, Clovelly, and many other places. We are known for our work in the areas where structures are built upon sand. We don’t use machines for sandy areas since it is incredibly hard to work sands with machines. Also, it is very expensive to work on sands with machines because sand is unstable in nature. Also, machines can cause cave-ins that can not only add extra days of extra work but could also be hazardous.